Poor People

When people say that poor people who are impacted by things like regressive tax laws should improve their lives by not being so poor…ugh. 

“If you make that little money and own property you’re living outside of your means,” so essentially it’s your fault that you have an unfair burden of property taxes. 

Because no one buys property when they’re financially secure and then suffers a financial setback. No one inherits property. No one saves for years (even decades) to but a home. No one invests in property because we’re not constantly bombarded with messages that it’s the safest, most reliable investment. No one has property they can’t afford to keep but can’t afford to sell, either because the market is shit, they couldn’t get enough to pay off their mortgage, they’d be homeless, etc. And anyway property is only for rich people. What are poor people doing, thinking they can buy a home, try to create a stable, safe environment for themselves and their family? Preposterous! 

Seriously, if you’re okay with things like Washington’s extremely regressive tax system essentially because you’ve got yours and those other poor bastards should bootstrap up, just shut the fuck up and accept that you’re a classist, selfish piece of shit.


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