Date Grape Update

I and four members of our planning committee met with Mayor Condon today to discuss our concerns about “Date Grape” and the impact it may have on Spokane. I explained that, based on the statistics that ¼ of women and 1/6th of men are raped in their lifetimes, approximately 102,000 Spokane County residents have been or will be raped. That accounts for over 20% of our county’s population. I also told Mayor Condon that about ¾ of date/acquaintance rapes involve alcohol and/or drugs, so having a drink that makes fun of rape in a bar is a dangerous situation. Mayor Condon is very concerned about the perpetuation of sexual violence and the harm that this situation has caused victims and survivors of rape and sexual assault. We’ve invited him to speak at our “Rape is Real” rally on March 15th and hope that his schedule will allow him to participate. While we understand that the mayor cannot require the bar to change their attitude toward rape, we are appreciative of his empathy toward victims and survivors, and his interest in making a real difference in how Spokane views rape culture.


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