Exist. Rebel.

I am not frustrated, I am furious. Every day, people are being hung out to dry because profit and greed take precedence. I do not care about corporate profits, the value of stock portfolios. I care about the insecurity billions of people face each day: hunger, homelessness or displacement, illness, persecution. I care that people are quietly murdered every day to maintain the status quo and to line the pockets of a handful of wealthy individuals. I care that those with nothing are asked to give more and more to support those with everything. I care that we don’t own our own bodies, much less the means of production. 

We are kept ignorant, blinded, deaf to everything but what we’re meant to hear. We internalize our oppression, pass it to our children, hold our neighbors down with the same yoke that we wear. 

We serfs provide labor and goods to our lords, sacrificing freedom and sovereignty for a false sense of security. So long as we keep our eyes down, our ears closed, our minds subservient, we are protected from the “other”. But while we hide behind our military and cower in terror at the brown people we’re taught to hate, our protectors beat us to the ground and strip any tattered remnants of liberty that cling like flesh to a carcass. 

We are slaves to ideology. To capitalism, religion, patriarchy and white supremacy. And we fight amongst ourselves to keep one another firmly shackled in place. We turn on each other at a moment s notice, believing that we’ll lose our freedom if anyone speaks out, not realizing that we were born and will die chained to these systems of oppression. 

Break free. Think. Question. Learn. Love your fellow humans and build them up. Don’t fight to take away their rights; you’re only giving yours away without ever realizing it. 

Let your very existence be an act of rebellion.


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