Duck Dynasty

Re: Duck Dynasty and accusations of people “hating” him and being “intolerant” for not letting him be homophobic in peace.

Ugh. Spewing homophobic hateful shit LITERALLY ENDS LIVES. We live in a world where you’re more likely to be attacked or killed just for being gay, where lesbians are raped to “fix” them, where countries have legislation sanctioning the murder of people for not being hetero. Ignoring it does NOT make it go away, it just lets it grow and spread unchallenged. It also tells LGBT teens that we don’t care enough to speak up for them. We already feel stigmatized enough without seeing silence in the face of hatred. 

Why should I be understanding and tolerant of my oppressors? I hate that bullshit. “But but you’re not being nice to them!” So? These are people who hate my very existence, who I am. Why the fuck should I care about their fee-fees? He’s a cishet, able, famous, wealthy, white male. He occupies literally every position of privilege possible AND uses that as a platform to continue to hate and oppress people who are already marginalized. He deserves to be called on it, he deserves to be silenced. Tolerating hate does not promote tolerance, it allows hate to continue unabated.


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