“I think people can refer to themselves as anything they wish, and maybe even politely correct others. If someone pointed out to me, though, that I was wrong for not referring to them as “they” I would probably just avoid them because they are too hopelessly self-absorbed for me to want to spend much time with them. I will grant, though, that in some sense the “they” might be accurate because the person is confused as to their gender and may feel as if they have a split personality encompassing who knows how many genders. In that sense, I guess “they” makes sense, kind of the way Gollum refers to himself as “we”. To avoid having people think they’re whack jobs, it might make more sense for them to just suggest using their proper name and avoiding pronouns. “Suzy took Suzy’s car” is more accurate and sounds better than “Suzy took their car” unless, indeed, Suzy has multiple personalities. A much more egregious error is when people feign offense at a minor grammatical construct but have no problem spewing out hate speech to anyone who dares question their belief du jour.”

So Vincent Bozzi thinks that trans* people are self-absorbed, confused, have a split personality, and are whack jobs. 

What a classy asshole.

I’ll be sure never to patronize any of his businesses. 


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December 7, 2013 · 7:19 pm

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