Angry Post of the Day

The OP was about animal cruelty but there was also discussion of other graphic images dealing with humans.

Other person: ” “Would you share a photo willy-nilly of a human having their skull blown to pieces?”
If I think it could be effective. Of course. You can’t deny the efficacy of disturbing images…For me, possible triggers do not outweigh effective tactics. Sorry, but I just have bigger concerns…To be honest, I don’t care about your feelings in the scheme of it all. I’m concerned with effective tactics. I think leftists should stop letting emotions dictate everything they do. I’m not in it for your pleasure. I’m in it to get shit done. We’ve all become a bunch of sectarian whiners and it’s hindering our strategy. Fuck these eggshells.”

Me: “If you’re just talking about meat/animal cruelty, whatever. For anything else, honestly, fuck you. It’s great that you have bigger concerns and give no shits about the individuals you deal with. If someone objects because they disagree with a picture, whatever, that’s a matter of free speech. But when I see pictures of beaten or murdered women, rape victims, things like that, it isn’t “effective”, it’s traumatic. I’ve been abused and raped and it is UNHEALTHY to be exposed to those kinds of images. I have struggled with depression, self-harm, and suicidal tendencies for 14 years because of it and when people just throw that shit up it causes me to shut down. I cry, I may have a panic attack, I can’t cope.

Same goes for almost anything. People who have suffered trauma don’t need your self-righteous bullshit triggering them and making them relive horrifying occasions in their lives. 

It’s fantastic if you can have so much empathy for a cow or sheep but so little for humans…”


Yeah. Who cares about other people if you’re effective? 


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